Customer Care Specialist

The Seat Shop is the Authority in Factory Match Replacement Seat Covers and Foam Cushions for full-size trucks and SUV’s. In layman’s terms, we help our clients fix their torn-up seats and enjoy their ride again.

Way back in 2006, two brothers with a big dream and a little extra cash started this business out of their garage. 15 years later, we’ve grown into a fun and dynamic team of over 40, manufacturing and selling our own products that look and fit just like the factory originals.

2021 was absolutely crazy, and with the rapid growth we’re experiencing, the 2022 is shaping up to be another exciting year for The Seat Shop. That’s why we’re looking to expand our Customer Service division with a full-time, in-house Customer Care Specialist in Plano, Texas.

When you join The Seat Shop crew, you’ll become a big part of a small team directly responsible for taking care of our customers and ensuring their buying experience goes smoothly. Some of your specific responsibilities will include:

  • Providing excellent customer care through phone, email, and chat support
  • Maintaining active product knowledge by utilizing in-house systems to provide the best solution for our clients’ needs
  • Managing customer expectations effectively, and solving issues related to fulfillment and order inaccuracy
  • Proactively contacting clients with orders that may be incorrect or are experiencing delays, and discussing alternative solutions
  • Reinforcing the sales team by providing additional phone and voicemail support

Culture is huge here at The Seat Shop. We’re looking for someone who has passion, a sense of humor, and good hygiene (okay, you need more than that to survive here, but those three things are CRITICAL).

Have a look at our five Key Principles, and see if they resonate with you:

  • Work hard, be honest, and take care of each other.
  • Consider every client a friend and treat them accordingly.
  • Be obsessed with customer service. Be someone who people look forward to doing business with.
  • Offer only the highest quality products and services to our clients and accept nothing less from our business partners.
  • Enjoy what you do! Life is too short to be miserable at work!

Still interested? Good. Some things that might help you stand out are:

  • Excellent verbal and written skills, with the ability to carry on a friendly conversation with anyone, regardless of their background or temperament
  • Inquisitive by nature, driven by a desire to find solutions and help others (Can you see things from another person’s perspective, even if you don’t agree with them?)
  • An eye for detail, structure, and precision (Do you like everything in order? Can you catch a typo when everyone else misses it?
  • Basic Technical Proficiency, typing skills, experience with Microsoft Office/Google Drive (Boring, but necessary.)
  • Don’t be weird (Yes, we’re all a little weird and crazy at times, but don’t be like… WEIRD, weird, okay? Nobody wants that.)

What’s in it for you? Here’s a short list:

  • Competitive salary, benefits, and insurance package
  • Room for growth through bonuses and raises based on performance
  • Relaxed work environment, culture, and dress code (t-shirts and jeans/shorts are the norm; we like to keep it casual)
  • Stocked drinks and snacks in the break room (“you can put six-packs of be- uh… soda in here.”)
  • We know how to throw a good party (legends are still told of casino nights in years past)
  • Learn more about auto upholstery than you ever wanted to or even thought possible
  • Genuine affection from Buddy and Biscuit (our lazy, yet loveable office dogs)

If you like what you’ve read so far and you’re interested in working hard alongside a group of individuals that care about each other, please send us your resume as well as a short message explaining why you think you would be the best choice for this role. We’re excited to hear from you!

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