I am extremely satisfied with your seat cover, cushion and most of all, customer service.  I received a low density cushion, Josh promptly sent me a new one.  The seat cover is an exact match, the cushion is great and I feel like I have better control of my truck.  I worked in a trim shop years ago installing both factory and custom covers and I wanted you to know your cover had excellent fit, finish and installed exactly like the original.  Thanks for your service and product.

Minden, LA

I purchased new skins for the drivers seat, back and arm for my 2006 Chevy Avalanche.  I ordered them on a Wednesday they shipped on Friday and I received and installed them on Tuesday.  I watched your videos several times and have to say they were right on the mark with every suggestion and every caution.  I’ll admit it wasn’t the easiest thing I ever did but they turned out great.  The color match was perfect and the quality of the product received was excellent.  Thank you for a great product and thank you for your on-line video’s.  Your Staff was very professional and easy to talk to (not so common these days).  Great Company!

Mountain Grove, MO

 I want to let you know how impressed I am with your awesome customer service.  I recently purchased a set of driver seat covers as a Christmas present for my father-in-law’s Silverado.  When I got ready to install them I discovered that the covers were for the more common bucket seat and not the 40/20/40 combo in his truck.  Of course, this was after I already had the seat out of the truck and the old covers off.  I talked to Matt at The Seat Shop, and he was great!  In a matter of minutes he found the correct seat covers and arranged to have them overnighted to me.  I received them before lunch time the following day.  Thanks to your great customer service I was able to avoid having my father-in-law’s truck out of service for several days.  Thank you very much for making customer satisfaction a top priority!

Laurens, SC

Just wanted to let you know your Guardian 3rd Row Seat Lock saved my seats from being stolen!!  I had The Guardian plus a steel cable/padlock on the 3rd Row Seats in my ’07 GMC Yukon XL.  The steel cable/padlock combo is gone, but The Guardian held fast.  My seats had been stolen twice before – nevermore!

Gil, CA

Just wanted to tell you guys how awesome my new Ford Excursion seat leather and foam are. Could not be happier with them. I’ve been a BMW tech for 10 years now and replace seat covers and seat occupancy detectors all the time. I figured it would be a cake walk. It was, but only because I watched the relevant video series on your website. Watching the videos probably cut the job time in half. Considering the new foam, I think I saved several hundred dollars when compared to a dealership repair. Thank you guys for a remarkably well engineered cover that fits, matches and feels perfect.

Central, CA

I just wanted to tell you and you probably already know this: My new seat cushion bottom and driver seat coverings with armrest are KICK-ASS wonderful!  It’s like a new truck.  I have only done the drivers side and will do the passenger side tomorrow, I am glad I decided to replace the cushion on the passenger side also.  That foam seems to be broken down also, I will let you know how that goes.  It took a little figuring on how things came apart, due to the fact someone else replaced my seats back a while ago with Katzkins.  Your fit and finish blows them away!  They actually glued the seat bottom and part of the seat back, my truck was bought new and my detail guy damaged my seats and I had someone else install new covers, due to the fact they owed me $$$$.  This will give me faith that I can restore, this truck back to almost new with the interior coming together and a comfortable ride without my rear getting sore and feeling like I am riding on the floor board.  Great job!  It may not mean much to you, but it means a lot to me!

Mark - MER Performance Marine
Little River, SC

Guys, I wanted to thank you for the service we received replacing the seat cover on my wife’s Yukon.  The seat leather cover and color matched the original perfectly and by replacing the seat cushion as recommended it is just like it was when we bought it new.  The type of cover you sell is exactly what I was looking for.  A full replacement exactly like the original and not the type of cover that some sell that just fits over your existing work out seat.  

I would also like to let you know that prior to finding out about your company as I did online, we had already taken her truck to a local company that was supposed to be reputable.  They gave me a price to replace only the ripped section of my seat and told us it would not be a problem getting the material to match and that they probably had it in stock.  We set up and dropped the truck off Tuesday morning.  They called my wife after a couple of hours and said they were sorry but they could not locate the leather material locally and would have to special order it out of Detroit and that the price would probably be triple what they had originally quoted us.  Which their original repair quote was more than your price for full replacement.  The other option they gave us was to replace that portion of the seat cover with vinyl which we did not want.

Again I am glad I opted not to let them do the work and I did some further research.

Thanks again.

Hurst, TX

I recently purchased a drivers seat cover, cushion, and arm rest cover from you for my 2004 GMC Sierra, they fit perfectly and matched perfect.  Just wanted to say thanks for making a quality product that is what is advertised.  I just ordered the passenger cover for my truck also, your videos make it a piece of cake to install. I wish i would have taken some before and after pics. Anyway great product and thanks again.

Avoca, IA

I wanted to leave you guys a comment about my recent experience with The Seat Shop.  I ordered an arm rest cover for my truck and there was an issue with the new one matching the one on the passenger side.  I submitted a comment on your website and received a personalized phone call the next morning.  The Seat Shop offered me multiple options to remedy the problem.  The Seat Shop customer service is outstanding and I can’t say enough about them!  I will purchase from you again and will recommend my friends to buy from you.

Tahlequah, OK

I bought a seat skin for my ‘05 F350 months ago and finally got around to installing it with the help of your videos.  I was running back and forth from the shop to my computer making sure I was following it right.  The install went flawlessly and I will spread the word for anyone needing skins for their seats to call or go online to your site.  Thanks so much.

Hunt, TX
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