Auto Seat Repair for Trucks and SUVs

The Seat Shop provides you with the seat replacement covers and cushions you need for DIY automotive seat repair. Or, you can have a local shop handle the installation for you. Either way, you'll love how easily auto seat repair can make the interior of your ride look great again.

Best of all, our seat covers and Durofoam cushions are an exact match to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seats that came with your truck or SUV when it rolled off the assembly line – before the 100K miles you've packed on since. So there's no need to worry about whether our products will match. And no need to replace the whole interior – just the seats that are showing signs of wear. We manufacture a popular selection of replacement leather seat covers, vinyl seat covers, and cloth seat covers to ensure that you'll get a great match to your original interior.

If you want your new seat to feel as good as it looks, pick up one of our Durofoam seat cushions, too. They're made with the same OEM fit and attachment methods but with more density to last longer. Find your seat replacement cover and cushion and start enjoying your ride again!

ford oem seat upholstery replacement
High-quality, OEM matching replacement covers with a factory fit and finish - proudly cut and sewn right here at our facility in Texas.
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durofoam seat covers
Foam cushions with improved deflection rating and extra reinforcement - if you’re in it for the long haul, your seat should be too.
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What makes us a great solution for you?

We can provide brand-new replacement parts that will have your seats looking and feeling new again, just like the day you drove your truck away from the dealership.
ford f250 seat covers ford f250 seat covers
With a wealth of experience, and hundreds of thousands of seats under our belts (pun intended), you can rest assured that we’ve got what you need to enjoy your ride again.

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See the difference that new seat covers can make.
2002 Ford F250 Lariat Medium Parchment Driver Bottom Seat Cover from The Seat Shop
1999 Chevy Tahoe Navy Blue Driver Bottom Seat Cover from The Seat Shop
2003 GMC Sierra Medium Dark Pewter Driver Bottom Seat Cover from The Seat Shop
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"Saved me from going out and buying a new truck."
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Many truck and SUV owners use their vehicles for hauling equipment, raw materials and other rough cargo – which means that your OEM seats (and the driver) are probably getting roughed up, too.

While you wouldn't think twice about replacing your tires, brake pads or headlights when they wear out, you may be tempted to put some duct tape on your seat and keep driving. But your driver's seat is an important part of your vehicle – it's where you control and navigate your vehicle safely. And duct tape is not a permanent solution.

We're talking about SEAT COVERS. That's where The Seat Shop comes in. Our OEM seat replacement covers are an automotive-grade exact match to the original. Choose from various truck and SUV makes and models, all manufactured with pride in Plano, Texas – and with a 2-year warranty. Replace the worn-out areas on your seats with OEM matching replacements today!


If sitting in your vehicle is an uncomfortable experience for your back, it's time to invest in seat replacement cushions made with Durofoam. Most auto repair shops will attempt to repair your original cushion, but here at The Seat Shop, we'll replace your old cushion by shipping you a brand new, improved Durofoam cushion.

We not only match the factory specs for the cushions of our OEM replacement seats, but we also increase their density. That means you get a more dense, more durable foam cushion at a great price.

Our DUROFOAM SEAT CUSHIONS are compatible with various truck and SUV models. Shop by vehicle for yours and start enjoying your ride once again!


Check out our SEAT ACCESSORIES before you begin replacing your seat cover or cushion. We provide seat replacement parts for specific truck or SUV models. The Seat Shop also offers cleaning and conditioning products specifically formulated for leather seats.