Replacement Seat Covers for Trucks & SUVs

There's nothing quite like a brand-new ride. Perhaps it's the purr of the engine, the quick response of the gas pedal, the new car smell or the feel of the leather seat covers.

Truck and SUV engines can last for a very long time. Unfortunately, your seat skins will not. They'll begin to deteriorate due to normal wear and tear. No amount of seat cleaner or conditioner will bring your leather seats back to life – and duct tape will just detract from their already-embarrassing condition.  

Did you know that now in 2022 instead of just living with a torn seat cover, you can replace your OEM seat cover with a factory seat cover replacement?

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Not All OEM Replacement Seat Covers Are the Same

It will depend on what kind of factory replacement seat covers you're looking for. Here are the typical solutions we've seen in the past:

  • Slip-On Covers

    One size fits all. This type of replacement seat cover is usually poor in quality and fit. This will not replace or solve anything. You may not see the problem, but your back will definitely feel it.

  • Junkyard Seats

    This is an option if you are on a budget, but you are not always going to get the exact replacement seat cover you need. In many cases, what you find may be in worse condition than what you already have.

  • Cheap Knock-Off

    If color-match, quality material, texture, AC/Heat options and a loose fit are not a problem for you, you'll find many places to choose from. Just remember, cheap options can become expensive very quickly.

  • Non-OEM Conversion Kit

    Non-OEM conversion kits exist, but they are non-refundable and you'll have to remove all of your OEM quality leather and replace it with the kit pieces so it all matches.

  • Dealer Replacement

    Most direct OEM seat covers cost 3-5x more than high-quality matching replacement factory seat covers. The main difference is the dealer brand name it comes with.

  • The Seat Shop Logo

    The Seat Shop provides accurate OEM fit and finishes for many replacement seat cover products – even if they have been discontinued.

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OEM Seat Cover Replacement

At The Seat Shop, we have replacement seat covers for hundreds of trucks and SUVs from 1995 and up. Manufactured in our Plano, Texas factory, seat cover replacement begins with quality materials and precise craftsmanship. Our products are made to match your original factory seat covers, which were manufactured according to OEM seat cover standards. This helps guarantee that the replacement seat covers will match your original interior.

Benefits of our Factory Replacement Seat Covers:

Premium Automotive Material: Our leather, cloth and vinyl materials are sourced from many of the same original automotive suppliers. This ensures you get an accurate match on the color and texture of your originalseat cover. If a product is in high demand and the material is no longer in production, we will explore different tanneries to reproduce the matching OEM material.

OEM Fitment:  Each replacement seat cover is digitally measured and cut with machine precision, ensuring an exact look and fit every time. We also ensure that the correct anchoring methods are used so that OEM standards are kept. This includes matching clips that will hold your new seat cover to your OEM seat frame.

Foam Backing: We use 1/2" machine-sewn foam backing behind the leather seating surface and 1/4" flame-laminated foam backing on the vinyl side skirting. This creates reinforced structure and support for your seat cover that will last for years to come.

Automotive Grade Thread: It's all in the details. The thread color and appropriate gauge are needed to give you the original look as well as the additional security and longevity.

AC/Heat Compatible: Our covers are made with the proper materials to ensure your replacement seat cover is compatible with the seat heating and cooling functions you currently enjoy in your vehicle.

Airbag Deployment Certification: Looks are important, but safety is key in factory seat cover replacement. Before we release any airbag-equipped product, it undergoes thorough testing at a qualified facility to ensure the airbag will deploy as an OEM seat cover should – down to the millisecond.

If your problems go beyond the cosmetic, we have replacement Durofoam cushions to replace your current OEM seat cushion. Need accessories to get the job done? We can help you there, too.


We offer seat covers that are compatible with a variety of makes and models. Check the list below, or use the Shop by Vehicle selector at the bottom of the page to see if we carry what you need to start enjoying your ride again!


    Avalanche 2002-2013

    Colorado 2004-2010

    Express Van 1996-2021

    Silverado 1995-2018

    Tahoe 1995-2018


  • GMC

    Acadia 2007-2012

    Canyon 2004-2010

    Savana Van 1996-2014

    Sierra 1995-2019

    Sierra Denali 2000-2013

    Suburban 1995-1999

    Yukon 1995-2018

    Yukon Denali 1999-2014

    Yukon XL 2000-2018

    Yukon XL Denali 2001-2014



    Ram Laramie 2002-2017

    Ram SLT 2006-2009

    Ram ST 2006-2012

    Ram Sport 2009-2017

  • JEEP

    GC Limited 2011-2016

    GC Overland 2011-2016


    Escalade 1999-2014

    Escalade ESV 2003-2013

    Escalade EXT 2002-2013


    GX 2003-2009

    RX 2004-2009

  • FORD

    Econoline Work Van 1997-2014

    Excursion 2000-2005

    Expedition 1997-2014

    Explorer 1999-2010

    Explorer Interceptor 2015-2017

    Explorer Sport Trac 2001-2008

    F150 Lariat 1997-2014

    F150 Platinum 2009-2012

    F150 FX4/FX2 2009-2014

    F250/F350 Centennial 2003

    F250/F350 Lariat 1998-2015

    F250/F350 XLT Sport 2002-2007

  • FORD (continued)

    F150 XLT 2015-2017

    F250/F350 XLT 2017-2018

    F250/F350 XLT (Leather Only) 2008-2010

    F250- THRU F550 XL 1999-2016

    F250 Platinum 2001

    Mustang 2000-2009

    Ranger 2004-2009

    Taurus Interceptor 2015-2019

    Transit 2015-2019


    MDX 2001-2006

    TL 2004-2008


    Enclave 2008-2012


    Navigator 1998-2009


    i290 2004-2010


    Sequoia 2008-2014

    Tundra 2007-2013

Find Your Replacement Seat Covers at The Seat Shop

With all the miles on your vehicle's seat, it deserves a little TLC. At The Seat Shop, we manufacture factory-matched replacement options for your OEM seat covers or foam cushions.

Manufactured right here in the US, seat covers from our facility in Allen, Texas, come with a two-year warranty. Do you prefer help installing your seat skins? Check out our install videos on OEM seat cover replacement. Or use our install locator for a list of shops that can install your factory seat covers for you.

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