Vehicle Seat Cushions for Trucks & SUVs

Trucks and SUVs take a lot of punishment, and vehicle seat cushions are no exception. It may be due to enduring rugged work conditions, shuttling kids here and there or racking up loads of workhorse miles.

If driving is an everyday necessity, you know how important a comfortable driver's seat needs to be. Some people drive over 200k miles on an uncomfortable seat cushion, without knowing they can simply replace their used seat cushion with a Durofoam vehicle seat cushion.

You can stop enduring the pain your old OEM foam is causing you and start enjoying your ride again with a brand new Durofoam seat cushion. Our replacement vehicle seat cushions have the OEM features plus added benefits.

Once you have your Durofoam cushion, you can install it yourself using our step-by-step install videos for an OEM seat foam replacement. If you'd rather have the nearest certified installer in your area do it for you, use our install locator with your zip code. Find your Durofoam seat cushion today.

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We offer Durofoam cushions that are compatible with a variety of makes and models. Check the list below, or use the Shop by Durofoam selector at the bottom of the page to see if we carry what you need to start enjoying your ride again!

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Dodge Durango 2011-2020

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011-2016

Ford F250 2011-2016

What Makes Our Durofoam Seat Cushions Special?

At The Seat Shop, we took the original foam cushion and made it better. When we began designing our Durofoam seat cushion, we started off by matching the OEM factory specifications:

  • OEM Compatible Attachments

    We manufactured our Durofoam seat cushion with the exact same anchoring methods as the OEM design.

  • AC/Heat Compatible

    You don't need to give up heated or cooled seats. We ensure our seats will work with the HVAC system in your vehicle.

But we realized there were some flaws in the original design.
Here's how we improved our seat bottom replacement products:
  • Better Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) Rating: An IFD rating indicates the surface feel of your seat foam. It's measured using the force in pounds needed to indent the foam by 25% of its original height. We matched the factory size specifications for seat cushion replacement foam then increased the density, making our Durofam long-lasting. In essence, our Durofoam is denser and more durable so you can enjoy your ride for many miles to come.

  • Reinforced Backing: We've also added a reinforced backing on specific Durofoam seat cushions. Many seats experience damage from the seat frame or wire grid cutting into the cushion from beneath, and the reinforced backing will help prevent that wear and tear.

If your foam needs to be replaced, it is very likely that your seat covers also are torn or about to tear.
Check here to see if we have your seat covers and pick up some helpful tools and accessories.

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The Seat Shop manufactures superior versions of their original vehicle seat cushions for trucks and SUVs. Our Durofoam seat cushions were designed to give you long-lasting comfort and durability for many miles to come. We're very proud of our products, and we're pleased that other people love them as much as we do. The Seat Shop took the top 10 spots for Best Durofoam Seats of 2022!

Shop for your vehicle’s Durofoam seat cushion today! – and enjoy your ride again

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