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With elevated aesthetics inside and out, your Lincoln offers a world-class experience marked by luxury. But after years of owning your ride, your Lincoln OEM seat covers may succumb to wear and tear that tarnishes their luxurious appearance. Thankfully, the professionals at The Seat Shop can refresh your interior with our line of replacement OEM-matched seat covers for Lincoln Navigator.

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  • Revive Your Interior With Replacements for Your Lincoln Seat Covers

    Our Replacements for Lincoln seat covers are more than a cheap, quick fix – they're a high-quality, reliable solution designed to breathe new life into your interior. Our Lincoln replacement seat covers are factory-matched to exact OEM standards. That means your fitment, detailing and color will be the same as your Lincoln OEM seat covers, matching the interior you've grown to adore.


  • Our Replacement Parts for Lincoln OEM-matched seat covers feature: 

    - Automotive Grade Thread for Additional Security and Longevity

    - Premium Automotive Materials Sourced from Original OEM Suppliers

    - Air Conditioning & Heating Compatibility

    - Airbag Deployment Certifications

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Current Models Available for Lincoln Replacement OEM-Matched Seat Covers

The team of expert designers and engineers at The Seat Shop have spent years developing Lincoln replacement OEM-matched seat covers. We currently offer replacements for Lincoln seat covers for the following vehicle models:

  • Navigator


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Frequently Asked Questions: When Updating Lincoln Replacement Seat Covers

Every Lincoln is designed with high standards of luxury in mind. The Seat Shop aims to uphold those standards with all the products we make for Lincoln replacement seat covers that we produce. But if you still have questions or want more details about our products before you buy, check out the answers to our frequently asked questions below.   

How Can I Be Sure I'm Getting the Correct Color Match When I Purchase Replacements for My Lincoln Seat Covers?

If you want to be extra confident you're receiving the correct color when replacing your Lincoln seat covers, please include the VIN in your order at checkout, and we'll double-check the color for you automatically.  

How Do Your Product Replacements for Lincoln Differ From Lincoln OEM Seat Covers?

Little to no different between our product replacement and your Lincoln OEM seat covers. We offer a factory-match guarantee with every cover we produce. However, legally, we are not able to replicate logos.

What If I Don't See Lincoln Replacement Seat Covers for My Model or Year Listed? 

If you don't see Lincoln replacement seat covers for your model or year listed, we do not manufacture replacements for it at this time. Please consider making a submission on our Product Suggestion Form to help us decide what we should work on next.  

Installation Resources: How to Replace Your Lincoln Seat Covers

After you purchase replacements for your Lincoln seat covers, you'll need to think about how to install them in your vehicle. Thankfully, we provide detailed installation resources to make things more simple. Whether you want to take a shot yourself or find a professional in your area, we have the resources you need to ensure your installation is a success.

Installation Videos

If you're all DIY through and through, check out our step-by-step installation video guides for installation advice from our expert team. In addition to Lincoln replacement seat cover installation guides, we also produce many care and maintenance videos to help you retain the look and feel of your seat covers for the rest of your Lincoln's life.

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oem chevy seat covers installation locator

Installation Locator

If you'd rather leave your installation to the pros, check out our installation locator for upholstery repair shops in your area. We've assembled a nationwide network of highly skilled installers with prior experience working with our seat covers, ensuring you'll get a gorgeous finished product.

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