Replacements for Cadillac Seat Cushions

Your Cadillac has a certain degree of luxury attached, but nothing can ruin the look and feel of your interior faster than uncomfortable Cadillac seat cushions that are past their prime. When Cadillac seat cushions lose their original form and begin to crack and tear, your drives feel less like a luxury and more like a painful chore every time you get behind the wheel.

Don't settle for mediocre comfort when the wear-and-tear of daily driving catches up to your seat. Swap worn-out, damaged or non-functional seat cushions with a new Durofoam for Cadillac seat cushion from The Seat Shop. With upgraded, Durofoam-enhanced product replacement for Cadillac seat cushions from The Seat Shop, your seats will look and feel even better just as when you drove off the lot. Browse our entire selection of seat covers and factory-matched OEM Cadillac seat cushion replacements today.

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  • Renew Your Comfort With Cadillac Seat Cushion Replacement Products

    We offer more than just OEM Cadillac seat cushion replacement products – we match Cadillac's factory durability and add extra support to take your seat to new heights. Like our Replacements for Cadillac seat covers, our replacement products for Cadillac seat cushions from The Seat Shop have OEM features with long-lasting benefits.

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    Durofoam Replacement for Cadillac Seat Cushions Features:

    - OEM Compatible Attachments

    - Higher Density Rating

    - Long Lasting Comfort

    - Easy to Install

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Find a Factory-Matched OEM Cadillac Seat Cushion Replacement For Your Model

At The Seat Shop, our dedicated team has spent years researching Cadillac factory standards to ensure
each of our Cadillac seat cushions is the perfect fit for your interior. Currently, we offer factory-matched OEM replacements for Cadillac seat cushion products for the following models:    

  • Escalade


  • Escalade ESV


  • Escalade


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Frequently Asked Questions: Replacing Cadillac Seat Cushions

Like any luxury vehicle, your Cadillac interior has to live up to a certain standard. So naturally, you may have a few questions about our replacements for Cadillac seat cushions before you buy. Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions below for more details.   

Why Don't You Sell Replacements for My Cadillac Seat Cushion For My Specific Model?

Currently, we're only able to manufacture Cadillac seat cushion replacements for select Escalade models. If you can't find the Cadillac seat cushions you need, we don't sell them. However, you can fill out this form to give us some insight into what you think we should work on next.

Can I Return My Durofoam for Cadillac Seat Cushions?

The Seat Shop offers free returns or exchanges for all replacments for Cadillac seat cushions under certain circumstances. Please review our complete return policy for more information.

Replacing Cadillac Seat Cushion - Installation Resources

Learn how to install your Cadillac seat cushion replacements with our helpful installation resources below. With professional installer shop guides and helpful DIY videos, we give you everything you need to ensure your installation is successful.

DIY Install Videos

If you'd rather install your Cadillac seat cushions yourself, you can check out our DIY installation videos for advice straight from our expert team. We also produce tons of care and maintenance videos for tips on caring for your Cadillac seat cushion replacements year after year.

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Installation Locator

If you'd like a professional to install your Cadillac seat cushions, check out our install locator for shops in your area. We've partnered with top-rated shops around the nation to make installation more accessible than ever. Every shop in our highly-skilled network has worked with our products before, so you know your installation will be done right.

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