Signs It's Time to Replace Your Car or Truck Seats

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Car or Truck Seats

Are your seats on their last legs? There comes a time in every vehicle’s lifespan where the interior could use an upgrade. Just like a couch or a mattress, car seats can wear out, too! And the truth is, when your comfort dips, your ability to drive safely can dip as well. But how do you tell when it’s time to replace your seat covers? Here are some of the tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your car seats.

The easiest way to tell when to replace a car seat is once there is visible damage to your car seats. This can be anywhere from shiny and cracked leather, hardness, or even completely ripped seats. If your seats have made it to this point, continuing to sit on your damaged car seats can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous if it affects your driving ability.

Maybe you don’t have any visible damage to your seats, but, instead, your seat feels lopsided or is causing you back pain. This could be a sign that the foundation of your seat is no longer giving you proper support. By foundation, we mean the cushion that is physically separating you from the seat frame. When a car seat cushion begins to wear out, your cushion can run risk of being torn by your seat frame. This damage can lead to tears in your seat coverings and further discomfort while sitting in the driver seat!

So, if you’ve read this far, you may be wondering when to replace car seats? Many upholstery shops suggest replacing them as soon as possible because the damage can easily spread and become a more costly fix. If you want to hold off on fixing your damaged car seats, take the steps to prevent further injury to your seat covers and cushions. Find out more about proper car seats maintenance and other quick tips here.

Whether you decide to replace your seat covers now or later, The Seat Shop has you covered (pun intended). The Seat Shop offers OEM matched seat covers and Durofoam cushions to help you restore your vehicle back to its original look and feel. Keep in mind that The Seat Shops car seats replacement options do not fit over the current car seat like other universal covers, but, instead, are OEM exact-match replacement seat covers that quite literally replace the leather of the original seat.

Ready to replace those seat covers? Head to our homepage and see if we have a solution for your truck or SUV!

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