4 Essential Steps For How To Protect Leather Car Seats

4 Essential Steps For How To Protect Leather Car Seats

Getting a new set of leather seats is the best way to reset the clock on your interior – but making sure that new leather interior stays looking fresh comes with some maintenance. Luckily, we have some quick tips for how to protect leather car seats from wear and make sure your new leather car seat covers last as long as your vehicle.

Protect Leather Car Seats By Vacuuming

Vacuuming - It may seem simple, but vacuuming is one of the best ways to protect leather car seats and ensure the quality of your seat covers for years to come. Not only will it remove some of the dirt that accumulates from everyday driving, but it will remove other debris that has the potential of scratching your leather.

Use Gentle Cleaners to Protect Leather Seats

Wipe Down your Leather – Using a damp cloth to wipe down your leather seats is a great way to loosen debris and get rid of oils that may be packed into the grain of the leather. Be careful not to completely soak your leather seats – especially if you have perforated leather - as to protect the integrity of your leather seat cover and the foam cushion underneath.

Use Leather CleanerLeather cleaner is a great leather seat protector and can replenish the heavily soiled areas of your interior. Applying the cleaning solution to a clean cotton rag – not directly on the leather – and then rubbing the leather in a circular motion can help remove dirt and oils that have penetrated the leather. Always use another rag to wipe off any excess moisture left on your seats.

Apply Conditioner For Leather Seat Protection

Leather Conditioner – Just like our skin, leather can get dried out over time. Once your leather seats are dried out, your seat covers can begin to break down and crack which will be an expensive fix. To avoid this issue, use leather conditioner every few months so your seats can outlast your vehicle!

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