Best Seat Covers for Trucks Mid-Size and Full-Size

Best Seat Covers for Trucks Mid-Size and Full-Size

When deciding how to best upgrade or protect your interior, there are many options that may come to mind based on your goal. From slip-on seat covers to complete custom kits, we are here to outline the available options, and help you decide what the best fit is for your vehicle!


Slip-On Seat Covers:

Do you have stains on your cloth interior? Perhaps you have a tear in your original leather interior? There are plenty of small truck seat covers and full-size truck seat covers on the market, however, slip-on seat covers are one of the cheapest ways to give your interior a face-lift. Although you are not actually replacing your seat covers, slip-on covers can provide a new and refreshing spin on your interior.

Although slip-on covers are the easiest and most cost-efficient way to give your interior a new look, they do come with some down sides. Some slip-on seat covers tend to be very thin, which is not the best choice if you are trying to protect your seats from further damage caused by spillage or debris.

Additionally, slip-on seat covers are usually manufactured to a “one size fits all” standard, meaning they are not made to match the fitment of your full-size or heavy-duty truck. For this reason, your seat may not be fully protected if the cover is too small, or you may struggle to stay in place as you drive if the cover is too large!

Junkyard Seats

If you are on a budget, junkyard seats could be a possible solution for your vehicle. In the United States alone, the average number of cars that are recycled by junkyards reaches about twelve million annually. So, although you may need to do some digging, you will likely be able to find a driver seat or front row that fits your vehicle at a much lower cost that going to the OEM.

A pitfall with junkyard seats is the variability of quality. Keep in mind that no one really knows how long those seats have been at the junkyard and how well they have been maintained. Junkyard seats can be subject to UV damage, debris, and pests, which can leave them looking worse than the seats already in your vehicle!


Cheap Knock-Off Replacement Seat Covers

Perhaps you have found a replacement “leather” seat cover for less than one hundred dollars on a marketplace like eBay or Amazon? These discount seat covers are often too good to be true, and Chances are you will not be satisfied with the result after installation. There are plenty of manufacturers that sell seat covers at an extremely low cost, but unfortunately, they are cutting corners. Many of these full-size truck seat covers are manufactured using inferior material, attachments, or fitment when compared to your original interior, and you will be left searching for a better option.


OEM/Dealer Replacement Seat Covers

One of the best seat covers for trucks is sold directly from the dealership. Sourcing a replacement seat cover from a local dealership is one of your best options as far as quality and exact match. In addition, these seat covers will include the brand name and any emblems that came on your original seats (i.e.  Lariat, Laramie, etc.). However, dealers will often charge a premium which will cost you anywhere from three to five times more than an alternative, high-quality replacement seat cover. Furthermore, depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, the seat cover you require may have been discontinued.


The Seat Shop Replacement Seat Covers

The Seat Shop manufactures replacement full-size truck seat covers and heavy-duty truck seat covers for many makes and models (1995 and newer), and provides an accurate OEM fitment and finish, even if the original products have been discontinued by the dealer. An in-depth research and development process ensures an exact OEM match, and each component is sourced following strict guidelines set forth by the OEM brands.

In conclusion, there are many options available when considering seat covers for your mid-size or full-size truck, and no single option will be the right solution for everyone. If you have further questions, be sure to visit for more information.


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