The Hot Seat: A Spicy Twist on The Seat Shop

The Hot Seat: A Spicy Twist on The Seat Shop

Ready to watch a business conversation heat up in the most literal sense?

In this latest video from The Seat Shop, things get spicy—both in terms of dialogue and dinner.

In this unique interview, Travis Magee, Creative Lead at The Seat Shop, grills Brian Verhalen, the co-founder and President of the company, with insightful questions about business and life. But here's the twist: they’re doing this while attempting The Hot One's Challenge with the fiery Season 21 Sauce lineup.

As the sauces escalate, so does the intensity of the conversation. Business insights, personal anecdotes, and spicy reactions blend seamlessly, making for an engaging and entertaining watch. Brian’s honest and raw answers, sprinkled with some spicy takes as the heat level rises, provides an inside scoop on how The Seat Shop operates.

If you’ve ever wondered why The Seat Shop believes so strongly in American-made products, or why OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) match is so important to us, or if you just want to hear childhood stories about Brian and his older brother Matt (the other half of the dynamic duo), you won’t be disappointed with this video.

Don’t miss these sweat-inducing, light-hearted, and genuinely insightful responses from Brian. It’s not just about enduring spicy wings; it’s about the spicy trials and triumphs of life and business.

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