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Review from Tom M from FL - 2001 GMC Sierra

Love covers! maybe not the best pics but I am very happy with the results. I will probably do the passenger seat next. Hardest part was getting the nerve to cut the power switch hole for the controls.

Review from Joseph C. in NY - 2004 Chevy Tahoe

Looks great. Easy Install.

Review from John B. in OK - 2004 GMC Yukon

“Guys, my Yukon has been a fantastic vehicle for the last 11 years and 260,000 miles – doesn’t use a drop of oil and runs great. Unfortunately 260,000 hard miles and my backside getting in and out of it left the front seats in terrible condition. I finally decided to do something about it – I retired in January so I have more time to obsess about such things. I looked at auto yards, I talked to several upholstery outfits, and did a bunch of research online. I stumbled across you folks and after chatting with one of you – I think it was Brian initially – I placed an order for both front seat kits and pad for the driver side. I don’t work on cars very much so frankly I was a little apprehensive, but I watched you videos (a couple of times and then periodically during the work). It went just fine. I wanted to thank you VERY much for your help. I started yesterday late afternoon and had a question about the electrical, which Stephen helped me with…. A bit late I had one other question (electrical connections) and Brian gave me his cell phone and said call him if I had any problems. THAT is customer service. I managed to get finished without incident and got everything back together… I think it looks WONDERFUL! ….and I DIDN’T have to tie-wrap a lawn chair in and bring the car down to you all for help! :) Stephen asked for some photos… I’m attaching a couple of before and after photos of the passenger side, which I did first. Email #2 is the driver side. Again, THANK YOU – the material is awesome, your videos were extremely helpful – I wouldn’t have tried it without them, and most of all I appreciate your customer service and willingness to help personally. I’d recommend you all in a heartbeat. I also appreciate the story about how you started and built up the company.”

Review from Tim S - 2004 Chevy Avalanche

Replacement leather seat cover from your store was a perfect match. I used the U Tube videos to perform the removal and install. Definitely helpful.

Review from Ted N. - 2003 Chevrolet Silverado

Hi Guys, It took me a while to get to the project of testing the drivers seat heaters and replacing the elements, seat foam, bottom cover and arm rest cover on my 2003 Chevy but finally got to it this weekend. I am pretty mechanically inclined and can usually figure most things out but I wanted to tell you how helpful all of your videos were in getting the project done. Your products are excellent, your instructions are detailed, accurate and complete and I would highly recommend The Seat Shop to anyone who needs to replace theirs! Thank you, Ted

Review from Dean V. - 2005 F350 Lariat

I put a set of yours in my 2005 F350 lariat. They look and feel GREAT

Review from Ryan K. in Texas - 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hello everyone, Just wanted to send you guys a quick email to thank you all for doing what you do. I own an older truck that I plan to drive until the wheels fall off, then put new wheels on it and do it all over again. For years, I have driven on drivers side seat foam that has been flattened through 14 years and a quarter of a million miles driven. I came across you guys on a forum, to be exact, and it was actually interesting because it was a negative review that from a member that first had me notice your business. In that review the member posted a picture of his seat covers from you guys that had deteriorated rather quickly, and he was simply letting people know his results. All of a sudden in that thread, someone from your company took the time to not only make an account on the site, but to do what was right, and completely fixed the problem for that person. A+ customer service travels fast, and from that I was sold. I am one of those unfortunate people that absolutely hates other people working/touching or doing anything to my truck, I absolutely love that you guys sell the covers that we can put on ourselves. Following your videos on YouTube, it was honestly much simpler than I had even imagined, and It came out fantastic. The new foam you guys sold me, along with the covers revamps the entire feel of the truck to like the day it was made. There is no words that describe how that makes you feel each and every time you get into the truck, even threw some seat heaters in at the same time, and that was just an added bonus. I wasn’t even exactly ready to make the purchase the day I decided to stop into your store, however the employee that helped me was so nice and helpful, I really couldn’t resist taking the plunge. Most any place that involves vehicles these days just seems to try and take your money and give you the absolute cheapest product they can to make a quick buck, and to have the opposite experience and offers to help was astounding. I don’t remember the actual name of the employee, however my invoice has GB as the sales rep, so if he doesn’t read this, if you could pass it along I would greatly appreciate it. I now realize I’m writing a novel, but I just wanted to pass along my praises for a job well done. Thank you all for what you do, I will be returning soon to take care of the back seats, and hopefully when these wear out I can do it all over again. Its also not said often, but I have to give GM props for for once designing something that seems to make sense, and is a piece of cake to actually replace. Thank you all. Ryan

Review from Hunter M. in Tennessee - 2003 GMC Sierra

Put these in our GMC SIX Door we built and they did great!! These guys make a great product and have excellent customer service! I ordered mine online and they accidentally had a mix up and sent me one set of tops with armrests but I didn't have arm rests on those. I called them up and they sent me a label and said mail those back and we are sending you the right tops. They had fast delivery! They have a great fit and finish.

Review from David W. - 1998 S

Here's my new seats thanks seat shop replaced both front seat n about half a day. These replacement seat covers are Awesume my Silverado is a 98. Model looks like a new one now. Wow is what all my friends said when they saw them thanks again

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