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Leather up grade

2013 Sierra 1500 up grading the seats after 6 years driving over 200k seat backs are next.

1999 Silverado Z71

265,000 miles had taken a toll on my drivers seat bottom. Ordered the cover and foam from "The Seat Shop." I couldn't be happier with the quality of the cover and foam. Started the job at 2:30 and finished at 5:30 all by myself. Super simple to install after watching the video. Now I have to deep clean the rest of the upholstery to get them to blend in a little better with the new seat bottom. I already have people asking where I got the seat from. Will definitely give "The Seat Shop" a shout out every chance I get.

2005 Yukon Denali

I ordered a replacement cover for my Yukon and was extremely satisfied. Watched install videos over and over and when the product came in I was excited and ready to install. Videos were very helpful and made my install go smoothly. Great product and will be ordering more for my other seats.

1997 Chevy Tahoe

Herzlichen Dank für die Lieferung in die Schweiz. Super Qualität und Verarbeitung! Besser als Original. Stephan Waelti, Switzerland

2007 Dodge Ram

The quality and fit of the replacement Durofoam and seat cover are great. I should have done this several years ago!

2001 Tahoe

Easy to install, my 18 year old daughter and I installed. They give a great step by step video. Watch their video, do one seat at a time, have a help. I bought my Tahoe new in 2001 (yes 20 years ago) and these covers make my Tahoe new again.

New truck smell and look !

2003 duramax, owned it since '04. I cant say enough about the absolute high quality cushion and replacement leather you guys sell ! Installed myself, not difficult, fits like a glove ! No wrinkles, no sags, looks and smells brand new. My pictures dont do the finished job justice... Videos were very helpful, might want to add a pair of long reach needle nose pliers to squeeze instead of prying those wire loom holders to keep from breaking tbe clips..this was a Birthday gift to me from my wife ! Love it ! Great time to clean those seat belts and carpet! HIGHLY Recommend The Seat Shop !

2004 Tahoe

16 years and 216k miles on the original. New top and bottom covers and seat heaters as well as new foam. Looks and feels great. Thank you!

2008 Dodge 2500

Recently purchased vehicle. Needed the driver seat repaired. I found your covers on Amazon, ordered the wrong one, 5 minutes later I found the exact match, ordered it. I sent an email asking to cancel the first one. Got a reply the next morning with an acceptable solution. The package showed up the other night. Was going to have an upholstery guy help me with it, watched your instal video and decided to do it myself. The video was spot on. The product is as close to exact as you can get, the customer service is great. Thank You.

2013 Ford F150 Seat back

Seat back New and Old

2013 Ford F150 Lariat

Bottom Seat Covers

2000 Explorer XLT medium graphite

I didn't get a full before photo, but I did get one with the old seat bottom cushion cover against the new one to show the difference. When I got the replacement cover, I thought there was no way it was going to be an exact match. I was amazed to see how Scrubbing Bubbles lifted the grime off seats I thought were already clean and it made them bright and spotless. The after photo shows just how well the new cover goes with the original, and now clean, interior. The install on the older Explorer takes a little more effort than the current newer Explorer install video shows, but take your time and it's worth it.

Review from Ken B.- 2004 Taho

The seat covers fit like glove and color matched perfectly. I replaced driver back and passenger bottom. The video instructions where fantastic and professionally done. I highly recommend the Seat Shop.

F250 Armrest

Tried off sticking myself everytime I rest my arm on long trips. Perfect match and no one is the wiser.

Review from T. Blum on 2005 GMC Sierra

I put this off so long that I needed to replace the seat foam! Your products are so much better than I expected, the fit color match and quality is fantastic! With the help of your videos I was able to do the job by myself, and I’m 64! Thanks again!

2005 Chevy Tahoe - Paul Thomson

I recently bought this low mileage (89k) 2005 Tahoe which was in great shape minus the shabby driver seat. Not in the worst shape, but didn’t match the overall condition of the truck. I decided to replace both the upper and lower covers so that everything would match and look fresh. Took me a few hours and some cut up hands, but well worth the effort. Thanks for the excellent products and how to videos!

2004 chevy truck

Replacing the lower seat cover, foam, and seat heater were so much easier than I could have imagined. I watched all 3 install videos before I ordered anything. That was a big part of the reason I ordered the new foam, because of the video i understood that it was worn out and needed it. The video made everything easy. I did all of the installation myself, and only found one area challenging - attaching the front seat leather to the frame. Otherwise, pretty easy. Great job by Brian and crew explaining the little tricks needed to make it easier. When we know the why and the how, it helps big time and the Seat Shops installation videos are the best.

2004 Ford Explorer

Wife wanted to get cheap seat covers which from my experience are pretty miserable to use. Fortunately found The Seat Shop when looking around online. Replaced driver and passenger seat bottom covers + foam cushion in driver's seat. Overall really pleased with how they turned out. Almost like new now.

Fors F-150 2008

Recommended 100%, great product

2006 Silverado SS

Replaced to seat foam and lower cover on the driver side of my nearly 190,000 mile SSS, Color match, fitment, installation were all spot on! I will be replacing the rest of the covers in this truck because of how good the Seat Shop product is!

2002 Chevy Tahoe

Thank you, Seat Shop! The quality of the material, stitching, and the foam is excellent. Fast shipping, and I appreciate the phone call just to double check the carpet color. You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work! - Ian in Portland

Review from Allen W. Burlington KY. 2000 Silverado

I am very pleased with the quality and service from the Seat Shop. The replacement seat bottom cover and foam is like having a new seat. The owner of the shop that I had replace them was impressed with the quality as well. He is going to look into using you company when needed. Thanks again

Better Than New!

Our 2004 Suburban has 150,000 miles on it and it is our super reliable winter vehicle here in Central Oregon. Unfortunately, the driver's side seat had begun to disintegrate. After exploring all the options; used seat from a wrecker, new seat, having it professionally rebuilt, I decided to buy a replacement cover and foam pad from The Seat Shop. The replacement process was easy and the end result was great. My wife says the seat feels better than when we purchased the vehicle. A couple of pieces of advice. 1. Take your time and take pics, or make notes, about which components go where, where the electrical connectors clip to the seat frame, etc. 2. Don't be afraid of cutting out the opening for the side control panel. Use the old cover and the screw holes in the seat frame for reference and it's an easy process. Take your time; measure twice and cut once. The only downside is that the new seat cover highlighted how badly the front seats and seat belts need cleaning!

Review from Robin ~ 2000 Silverado

I can’t THANK YOU enough for your fabulous products and YouTube videos. They were absolutely perfect. Your honesty and professional thorough advice scream volumes for your products and have made the impossible possible for me! For any who are planning on recovering the seats I second the motion to REPLACE THE FOAM with The Seat Shop's prefabricated product. What a world of difference! As a female doing the job, my recommendation would be to have emphasized that the plastic trim on the seat cover MUST be placed ON & OVER the Metal SEAT frame to secure the cover from coming off. And YES, a second pair of hands would have been a huge help, but never the less - one IS capable of doing it alone. Thank you Thank you! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

2006 F250

Absolutely awesome. If you are riding with worn out seats, buy these. Great tutorials. GET the replacement foam too. You wont be disappointed. Great company, you guys rock!

2004 GMC Yukon Danli bottom cover

Nice covers, a great fit with a perfect color match. I've used other covers off ebay for my truck, but they did not have nearly the fit and finish of yours. I highly recommend replacing the cushion as well.

Silverado SS

The color matches perfect, the new seat cushion is awesome, I have almost 200,000 miles on my SSS and it rides like a new truck. The installation videos are right on and very informative. I will definitely use The Seat Shop again for all my seat needs. Thanks guys!

Review from Taylor T. ATL, GA. 2005 Tahoe

Amazing product! Seats came in quickly from original order date. Put the new vinyl on that night (Driver front and Passenger front). Very simply instructions (when following their youtube vids). If you have ever built a lego as a kid, you can handle this job and save a couple 100 bucks by doing it yourself. My padding was worn down so much, that the new seat covers did not require much muscle to stretch over the original padding. I had one thick wire that ran to the seat controls that I never could detach, but was able to maneuver the bottom seat enough to still place the new vinyl on correctly. Amazing product!!! Seats make the entire interior look brand new. Cutting the side for the seat controls, you would think would be nerve wrecking, just start small and work your way as needed. Would recommend this company to ANYONE looking to upgrade their old seats.

Looks better now!

The lower portion of the drivers seat on my 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 was cracking on the seat edge closet to the door, just above the electric seat controls. I decided to buy a new cover instead of making a cosmetic repair after reading some reviews about the latter. I was initially going to buy a competitors product but after watching your video comparing products, I decided to purchase your product due to it's superiority over the competitor. It was shipped lightning fast and arrived a mere two days after I placed the order. After watching your very well done install video, I installed it myself in about two hours, including removal and reinstallation of the seat in the truck. During the install, I had a question so I called TSS and spoke with someone who was most helpful AND importantly, answered my question. Couldn't be happier with the product and hopefully it will last a long time.

David Sanderson Review Before/After

2006 Ford F-250 Driver Top

2004 Silverado SS

Bottom of drivers seat replacement. Perfect Match and fit.

Review from Brad N. - 2010 Ford Expedition

I replaced the driver's seat cover on my Expedition. The online video was helpful but there were some differences between the 2008 and 2010. I called the Seat Shop and they answered all my questions. This isn't a hard job but it does require the right tools and patience to get it right. The end result was so much better than what I had before. Thanks!

2002 Chevy Avalanche

I would recommend the seat shop to anybody with the how to videos they have to offer anybody can do this yourself I do recommend that you do replace your OEM foam with the durafoam it's worth the extra 125 bucks I could not believe the way the color matched the rest of the Interior thanks to the seat shop my Avalanche has a new comfortable ride.

07 Ford F-150 Driver side seat full restoration

Replaced the top and bottom of driver seat

2000 Expedition Front seat

My front passenger seat came out great. I probably completed the task in about 3 hours. This was my test so I only did one seat bottom. I'm planning to complete my front seats now.

2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71

Replaced my shale driver's seat (along with the 2005) all at once. Loved the replacement. Quality seems spot on. I'll be purchasing the drivers back, passenger top/bottom and new cushions for driver and passenger next year. Thanks guys!

2005 Chevy Tahoe Z71

Repaired the medium dark pewter (after picture looks lighter, it was taken with a cell, it's 100% identical color wise to the original).


Bought a 98 chevy 2500 with driver seat in poor condition. So the first thing to do was to contact The Seat Shop.

Highly Recommend!

Couldn't ask for a better company to deal with. Replaced my driver's side lower foam and cover. The color is perfect, the fit is fantastic. The instructional videos were extremely helpful. I feel like I'm driving a brand new truck Everytime I jump in the driver's seat. Thank you for your fantastic customer service and high quality products.

Review from Tom M from FL - 2001 GMC Sierra

Love covers! maybe not the best pics but I am very happy with the results. I will probably do the passenger seat next. Hardest part was getting the nerve to cut the power switch hole for the controls.

Review from Joseph C. in NY - 2004 Chevy Tahoe

Looks great. Easy Install.

Review from John B. in OK - 2004 GMC Yukon

“Guys, my Yukon has been a fantastic vehicle for the last 11 years and 260,000 miles – doesn’t use a drop of oil and runs great. Unfortunately 260,000 hard miles and my backside getting in and out of it left the front seats in terrible condition. I finally decided to do something about it – I retired in January so I have more time to obsess about such things. I looked at auto yards, I talked to several upholstery outfits, and did a bunch of research online. I stumbled across you folks and after chatting with one of you – I think it was Brian initially – I placed an order for both front seat kits and pad for the driver side. I don’t work on cars very much so frankly I was a little apprehensive, but I watched you videos (a couple of times and then periodically during the work). It went just fine. I wanted to thank you VERY much for your help. I started yesterday late afternoon and had a question about the electrical, which Stephen helped me with…. A bit late I had one other question (electrical connections) and Brian gave me his cell phone and said call him if I had any problems. THAT is customer service. I managed to get finished without incident and got everything back together… I think it looks WONDERFUL! ….and I DIDN’T have to tie-wrap a lawn chair in and bring the car down to you all for help! :) Stephen asked for some photos… I’m attaching a couple of before and after photos of the passenger side, which I did first. Email #2 is the driver side. Again, THANK YOU – the material is awesome, your videos were extremely helpful – I wouldn’t have tried it without them, and most of all I appreciate your customer service and willingness to help personally. I’d recommend you all in a heartbeat. I also appreciate the story about how you started and built up the company.”

Review from Tim S - 2004 Chevy Avalanche

Replacement leather seat cover from your store was a perfect match. I used the U Tube videos to perform the removal and install. Definitely helpful.

Review from Ted N. - 2003 Chevrolet Silverado

Hi Guys, It took me a while to get to the project of testing the drivers seat heaters and replacing the elements, seat foam, bottom cover and arm rest cover on my 2003 Chevy but finally got to it this weekend. I am pretty mechanically inclined and can usually figure most things out but I wanted to tell you how helpful all of your videos were in getting the project done. Your products are excellent, your instructions are detailed, accurate and complete and I would highly recommend The Seat Shop to anyone who needs to replace theirs! Thank you, Ted

Review from Dean V. - 2005 F350 Lariat

I put a set of yours in my 2005 F350 lariat. They look and feel GREAT

Review from Ryan K. in Texas - 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hello everyone, Just wanted to send you guys a quick email to thank you all for doing what you do. I own an older truck that I plan to drive until the wheels fall off, then put new wheels on it and do it all over again. For years, I have driven on drivers side seat foam that has been flattened through 14 years and a quarter of a million miles driven. I came across you guys on a forum, to be exact, and it was actually interesting because it was a negative review that from a member that first had me notice your business. In that review the member posted a picture of his seat covers from you guys that had deteriorated rather quickly, and he was simply letting people know his results. All of a sudden in that thread, someone from your company took the time to not only make an account on the site, but to do what was right, and completely fixed the problem for that person. A+ customer service travels fast, and from that I was sold. I am one of those unfortunate people that absolutely hates other people working/touching or doing anything to my truck, I absolutely love that you guys sell the covers that we can put on ourselves. Following your videos on YouTube, it was honestly much simpler than I had even imagined, and It came out fantastic. The new foam you guys sold me, along with the covers revamps the entire feel of the truck to like the day it was made. There is no words that describe how that makes you feel each and every time you get into the truck, even threw some seat heaters in at the same time, and that was just an added bonus. I wasn’t even exactly ready to make the purchase the day I decided to stop into your store, however the employee that helped me was so nice and helpful, I really couldn’t resist taking the plunge. Most any place that involves vehicles these days just seems to try and take your money and give you the absolute cheapest product they can to make a quick buck, and to have the opposite experience and offers to help was astounding. I don’t remember the actual name of the employee, however my invoice has GB as the sales rep, so if he doesn’t read this, if you could pass it along I would greatly appreciate it. I now realize I’m writing a novel, but I just wanted to pass along my praises for a job well done. Thank you all for what you do, I will be returning soon to take care of the back seats, and hopefully when these wear out I can do it all over again. Its also not said often, but I have to give GM props for for once designing something that seems to make sense, and is a piece of cake to actually replace. Thank you all. Ryan

Review from Hunter M. in Tennessee - 2003 GMC Sierra

Put these in our GMC SIX Door we built and they did great!! These guys make a great product and have excellent customer service! I ordered mine online and they accidentally had a mix up and sent me one set of tops with armrests but I didn't have arm rests on those. I called them up and they sent me a label and said mail those back and we are sending you the right tops. They had fast delivery! They have a great fit and finish.

Review from David W. - 1998 S

Here's my new seats thanks seat shop replaced both front seat n about half a day. These replacement seat covers are Awesume my Silverado is a 98. Model looks like a new one now. Wow is what all my friends said when they saw them thanks again

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