The Benefits of DIY Automotive Upholstery

The Benefits of DIY Automotive Upholstery


 “Do It Yourself”. This is a phrase embedded into the mind of the modern-day truck enthusiast. Those of us who are truck owners are known for our brash, bold, do-it-yourself mentality. After all, a little elbow grease never hurt anyone.

However, automotive upholstery is a different beast, right?

Plenty of people have washed their own truck, changed their own tires, maybe even changed their oil or brake pads. But what does it look like to change your seat upholstery? How do you even begin the process, and what’s the benefit of doing it yourself?

These are all valid questions, so in this blog, we’ll tackle the benefits of DIY seat repair, overviewing the following points:

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Increased Knowledge
  3. Maximized Value
  4. Personal Satisfaction

If these concepts are important to you, follow along closely to learn more about how you can apply DIY principles to restoring your own truck’s interior.


The Benefits

Cost Savings

 New trucks are EXPENSIVE. Kelley Blue Book reports the following prices for common base-model trucks in 2023:

Most of those prices are for regular cab models with rear-wheel drive. You can expect to see upcharges left and right if you want a capable, full-size truck.

If your truck is still running great after 100,000 or even 200,000 miles, you can save plenty of money by investing in its longevity with exact match replacement seat covers and Durofoam cushions, instead of replacing it with an expensive new lease or monthly loan payment.

Here at The Seat Shop, we work with over a thousand upholstery shops in the United States, and if you aren’t interested in doing it yourself, an upholstery shop can be an affordable alternative to replacing your entire truck.

However, if you like getting your hands dirty, and you’ve already decided to repair your interior instead of buying a new truck, you can save even more money by tackling the upholstery replacement yourself and forgo the route of working with a traditional upholstery shop.


Increased Knowledge

Vehicle knowledge is crucial for “gearheads”, but what about the rest of the population? Although you may not be working on your truck every day, the technical knowledge you gain by going through the process of upholstery repair could be beneficial down the road.

For instance, what if your seat heater stops working? The experience of replacing your seat cover will give you the confidence and experience you need to tackle the simple problem of a faulty heater.

I’ve personally experienced this same benefit with my refrigerator. Story time: one day, my icemaker stopped working. I could have opened a warranty claim, which could have cost me $75 at a minimum. Instead, I looked up a Youtube video that covered in the issue. In the end, I was able to determine that I was dealing with a simple frozen water line above the icemaker and quickly fixed the issue myself. I saved money and time, while gaining confidence and experience.

Right now, you might not be confident about your ability to apply this mentality to automotive upholstery. Don’t worry and keep reading! At the end of this blog, we’ll address how The Seat Shop can help you.


Maximized Value

We all know it; there will come a day when we say goodbye to our favorite ride.

I know, I’m tugging on your heartstrings now. But it’s true; we develop such a close connection with our trucks, that sometimes we even name them, and it can be difficult when we finally have to let them go. So why not say goodbye on good terms?

If you are in the position where you need a new truck, you can ensure you’re getting the best re-sale or trade-in value possible by investing in the interior of your truck with some DIY work. Sure, the exterior is important, and how it drives will absolutely be a decision point for the buyer. BUT if the seat is torn up, ugly, or uncomfortable, it can be a major factor in the value of the vehicle; you risk a lower trade-in value, or even worse, a buyer walking away from a sale.


Personal Satisfaction

We’ve saved the best for last.

When the job is complete, you’ll have a seat (or even a full interior) that has been revitalized. This transformation can literally be life changing. Whether we’re driving for work or pleasure, we spend a TON of time in our trucks.

If your seat is worn out, and the foam cushion underneath has been flattened out or torn up, replacement Seat Covers and Durofoam Cushions from The Seat Shop can turn your daily drive from a nightmare into a dream come true.

If you take nothing else from this blog, take a chance and dip your toes into the DIY waters. You might surprise yourself with what you are capable of, and the process can be immensely rewarding.



So, now what? You might be chomping at the bit to tackle DIY automotive upholstery work. Maybe you’re ready for a revitalized interior in your truck or SUV. But where do you start?

Here at The Seat Shop, we celebrate and support your desire to do-it-yourself!

We are proud to offer a library of full-length, step by step installation videos for many of our products. These videos go in-depth to guide you through the process of installing your new seat cover or Durofoam cushion.

However, if DIY upholstery work still sounds scary, you’re too busy, or you simply have no interest (we get it, it’s not for everyone), then check out our nationwide Install Locator to find a qualified professional near you who can take care of the installation process of your products from The Seat Shop.

As always, if you have any questions about the installation of our products, you can also reach us by the usual methods.

Now get out there and DIY to your heart’s content!

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